Cream Acts Like Botox

Relaxing chronic lines

Young woman

Young woman

Concentrating too much on your computer screen only increases those crows’ feet at the corners of your eyes and the pinched lines between your brows above your eyes.

Two peptides and a rare alpine aster, a natural plant, relax those chronic tension lines like Botox.

The lines of persistent frowns and other expressions can disappear with the peptides SNAP-8 (acetyl-octapeptide-3) and inyline (acetyl hexapeptide-30).

I also like to use the rare European aster Leontopodium Alpinum for maintaining skin firmness and tightness.

Peptide Synergy

Peptides SNAP-8 and inyline address expression wrinkles. Used together, they produce a combined effect much more powerful than when used separately.

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SNAP-8 is the latest version of hexa-peptide Argireline®. SNAP-8 is an updated version that is even better at disrupting the nerve signals that lead to imprints and chronic signs of frowns, tension and anxiety. It works by interrupting pre- and post-synaptic release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. This blocks or at least lessens the intensity and, therefore, muscular contraction, of the nerve signals that initiate facial muscles to contract and form lines and wrinkles. Used with the synergist inyline, an elongated version of the original peptide that started it all, SNAP-8, works better.

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